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132969 / 1986 Pontiac Grand Am

For more information on this vehicle visit Professionally built and finished throughout, this 1986 Pontiac Grand Am is so highly detailed that you'll probably want to book an overnight stay here in town if you're coming in to look at it! As a ground-up build, there isn't much 1986 Pontiac left outside of the body shell and some of the interior bits. The nose is a custom 1-piece fiberglass piece made expressly for this car that's held in place with 24K gold plated Dzus fasteners. It incorporates stretched front fenders, but the look is so subtle you may miss it without another Grand Am parked next to this one. Out back, the rear quarter panels have been stretched to cover the positively massive tires. The doors are OEM, and thanks to its ultra-rigid chassis, the car exhibits incredible fit and finish. Paint consists of a Lemon Ice base which is joined by a graphics package composed of Summer Green, Big Band Blue, and Deep Rose, all buried under the clear for a seamless effect. The engine, although it says Pontiac on the valve covers, is a built LS6 Chevy big block packing 454 cubic inches. The heads are polished aluminum units, there's a custom high-lift camshaft in the center of the block, and a dominator carb up top, and a crank trigger system, which all adds up to approximately 600 horsepower. But again, as a show vehicle, it's the attention to detail and build quality that will really knock you out. Dig the fuel rails and lines feeding the carburetor. The ...

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