Video - 132960 / 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Turbo Pace Car

Videa Pontiac Formula 132960 / 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Turbo Pace Car

132960 / 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Turbo Pace Car

For more information on this vehicle visit If you're a savvy classic car collector who's looking for some awesome American muscle that you can spend a little money on now and get a big return on later, we've got the car for you! Beginning life at GM's Norwood, Ohio manufacturing facility, and meeting its first owner at Crookshanks Pontiac in Rupert, West Virginia, this pristine Trans Am Turbo Pace Car is one of the cleanest, all-original Pontiacs we've ever offered. Thanks to three decades of exceptional maintenance and super low mileage, the car presents as well today as when it drove off the showroom floor almost 32 years ago. A bright and crisp coat of correct GM code 11 Cameo White lacquer covers 100% original body panels which are straight, rock solid and free of waves and major imperfections. And because this Trans Am has never been fully disassembled, it still displays completely accurate panel gaps that are surprisingly tight and provide its body with correct factory alignment. On top of those ghost white panels, a fresh set of tri-color outlining stripes perfectly complements a five color 'turbo bird' hood decal; and factory applied Indianapolis 500 Pace Car door stickers add just enough visual pop to complete the car's striking and official look. Under this Trans Am's turbo-specific hood you'll find an all-original "YL" stamped and "301T" branded turbocharged Pontiac 301 V8 which made substantially more twist than the mighty 6.6 liter it replaced ...

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