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132852 / 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

For more information on this vehicle visit This awesome 1979 Trans Am, with its numbers matching W72 4-speed powertrain, long list of desirable options and full documentation, is the perfect investment for a savvy buyer who wants to stash back one of the hottest collector cars on the market, or a hardcore Pontiac fan who just wants a car that'll provide years of fun! Assembled at GM's Norwood, Ohio manufacturing facility in March of 1979, this highly optioned WS6 Trans Am was delivered to Dan Thomas Pontiac in Asheboro, North Carolina. Today, it's an unrestored, exceptionally maintained second generation F-body which wears 100% original body panels that are as solid and straight as the day they left the showroom floor. Pop the car's hood and you'll find an original 400 cubic inch W72 Pontiac V8. By utilizing a better block casting, chrome moly piston rings, a revised camshaft, a better oil pump, a better distributor and smaller '6X' heads from Pontiac's own 350 , the W72 created higher compression and successfully reversed almost a decade of declining horsepower numbers. Not only does this car's engine carry a correct 29N157311 partial VIN and a '79 W72/4-speed exclusive PWH stamp, it is also branded with a November (K) 15th (15) of 1977 (7) casting date and the XX481988 casting number which is found exclusively on the beefier W72 castings. At the top of the engine, a correct Rochester 4 -barrel carburetor sits under the cars awesome shaker scoop and a correct ...



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