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132775 / 1968 Pontiac GTO

Finished in unusual Meridian Turquoise, this matching numbers 1968 GTO is a subtle, sophisticated gentleman's express rather than a street brawler, although it has the muscle to do that as well. The bodywork is simply spectacular, with laser-straight sheetmetal and expert panel alignment, with gorgeous two-stage urethane paint on top. The Endura front bumper is beautifully done without a single wrinkle or flex mark and correct GTO decals have been affixed to the rear quarters. All the chrome has been refinished, the stainless has been buffed, and it appears that all the plastic lenses are either new or perfect NOS pieces. The 400 cubic inch V8 under the hood is the YS code unit born with the car back in 1968, with 100% matching numbers. Correct finishes, including Pontiac Turquoise on the block, chrome on the valve covers, and gloss black on the air cleaner all add up to a stunning presentation. Reproduction hoses and clamps were fitted, there's new wiring throughout, and even things like the battery tag and radiator cradle stickers have been faithfully reproduced. And yes, this is a factory A/C car, complete with the original-style A6 compressor with new fittings and lines. It fires up with a snarl, settles into a slightly lumpy idle that lets you know this is no wheezing Tempest, and pulls with the torque that only a big block can deliver. The three-speed TH400 automatic transmission is a willing and able partner, and thanks to 3.00 gears out back, this car has ...

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