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132663 / 1978 Pontiac Trans Am SE

All original from its Hurst T-tops down to its factory exhaust and white letter tires, this completely documented 16800 mile 1978 Trans Am Special Edition has been stored in a climate controlled facility all of its life and has all the right stuff you have been looking for. Assembled at GM's Norwood Ohio manufacturing facility in December of 1977, this pristine Special Edition Trans Am was delivered to Hansord Pontiac Company in Minneapolis Minnesota and purchased on January 10th 1978 by the same dedicated owner that would keep it for close to 33 years. Today, the car presents as practically brand new with a spectacular coat of original GM code 19 Starlight Black paint that covers 100% original body panels which are as solid and straight as the day they left the showroom floor. Under the hood you'll find this Trans Ams all original 6.6 liter W72 V8 which was the largest muscle car engine you could buy in 1978. Thanks to government mandated emissions standards, performance had almost been legislated out of existence, and that left the Trans Am suffering a bit of an identity crisis. By utilizing smaller "6X" heads from a 350 and a revised camshaft, the W72 created higher compression and successfully reversed almost a decade of declining horsepower numbers. At the top of the motor, an original Rochester 4 barrel carburetor sits under the cars awesome shaker scoop. Below that carburetor, original GM corporate blue paint coats the entire block and original exhaust manifolds ...

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