Pontiac Tempest

Pontiac Tempest

Rok výroby 1961 - 1968

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The Pontiac Tempest was an entry-level compact produced by the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors, introduced in September 1960 for the 1961 model year.

Sharing the new monocoque (unibody) Y platform with the Buick Special and Skylark, and Oldsmobile F-85 and Cutlass, the model also appeared under the LeMans nameplate (largely beginning with the 1962 model year, though Pontiac also manufactured a few 1961 LeMans coupes).

For 1964, the platform was redesigned with a full-size frame, and renamed A-body. The Tempest name was discontinued after the 1970 model year in favor of LeMans, a nameplate previously used for upmarket versions of that series.

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1964 Pontiac Tempest
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1964 Pontiac Tempest
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1964 Pontiac Tempest
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1962 Pontiac Tempest

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