Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek

Rok výroby 2001 - 2005

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The Pontiac Aztek is a mid-size crossover, the first offered by General Motors, that was produced by Pontiac from the 2001 model year to the 2005 model year. The Aztek was heavily criticized on its exterior styling, with Time magazine in 2007 calling the Aztek one of the worst cars of all time, and again in 2010 as the 34th worst invention of all time. A poll in The Daily Telegraph in August 2008 placed the Aztek at number one of the "100 ugliest cars" of all time.

Given that many sport utility vehicles (SUVs) were rarely driven off-pavement, a new car-based "crossover" was marketed with hopes of providing SUV-like elements customers actually wanted. These features included large cargo capacities and elevated seating. The vehicle was marketed to younger drivers who could picture the Aztek as complementary to an active outdoor lifestyle with fewer of the drawbacks perceived with traditional SUVs such as poor gas mileage, uncomfortable ride, high step-in height and vulnerability to roll-over. Television commercials portrayed the Aztek as an adult "My Buddy", able to go along for all sorts of adventures such as getting lost in remote southwest locations or as a sleep-in vehicle before an open fire in a municipal park.


All new model available as base model and GT both in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, the latter boasting an independent rear suspension.

In February 2001, a red Aztek served as the pace car for the Daytona 500.


Cladding smoothed and changed to body colored, front marker light/turn signals changed from amber to clear, spoiler added to rear glass gate.


Aztek "Rally Edition" introduced, which was an option package which featured a lowered front suspension, a larger rear spoiler, body colored grille and 17" chrome wheels. Though some regarded it as a model of its own, since it would resurface the Rally name to GM since the discontinuation of the GMC Rally.

DVD entertainment system, XM satellite radio and a tire pressure monitoring system added to the options list.


A CD/MP3 player was added as an available option.


In its final model year, the Aztek gained hands-free operation of its OnStar system.

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